30 years of success and still growing as the largest and most experienced global network in restaurant and retail real estate.

RARE Connection’s strict membership requirements result in a very select collective of members working together. As a member of the National Restaurant Association and the International Council of Shopping Centers, we assist and advise restaurateurs, developers, landlords and lenders all over the world. No matter where the project or how complex, we always work together towards a solution.

best of the best
industry experts
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  • The individual is a licensed real estate person and if approved will be the designated member, not the firm.
  • A significant portion of the individual’s primary business is in restaurant/hospitality real estate.
  • The individual is experienced with a number of different restaurant clients.
  • The individual has significant personal brokerage volume in the restaurant/hospitality field.
  • The individual has multi-faceted restaurant/hospitality brokerage (leases, sales, shopping centers, etc.) experience.
  • The individual has been in commercial real estate (specializing in restaurant/hospitality) for a number of years (suggested five years as a minimum).
  • The individual is well established and knowledgeable in their home market.
  • Neither the individual nor the firm can have any direct affiliation with any other national referral network, which is competitive with RARE.
  • The council member designate must be principal/decision maker in their firm.
  • There will be one member firm in each metropolitan area, unless the original member firm approves of another.
  • Certain of the membership provisions may be exempted by the Board of Directors.


A: RARE is an international network of independent real estate brokers that specialize in restaurant and related real estate services.


1. The income and brand building that is generated from RARE’s extensive marketing campaign including marketing brochures, web presence, and mailers to restaurant companies and real estate firms.

2. A booth and meeting area at the ICSC Convention in Las Vegas, NRA Convention in Chicago and attendance at other industry events.

3. The income that can be generated as a result of referrals from other RARE members.

4. The income a member receives from referring business to other RARE members.

5. You gain access to a global network of the leading restaurant real estate experts in the world and the accompanying prestige and credibility it brings.

6. You benefit from joint advertising and publicity to enhance the image, credibility and profitability of your firm.

7. You benefit from the reduced cost of membership fees in organizations such as ICSC and NRA.

8. You benefit from sharing information, contacts and camaraderie with members from all over the world.


1. To provide an experienced and sophisticated worldwide team of experts to assist restaurateurs, developers, landlords and lenders with every aspect of restaurant real estate brokerage and/or consulting services.

2. To establish an awareness in the restaurant and real estate industries of the existence of “restaurant real estate” as a separate and specialized area of the real estate brokerage and consulting field.

3. To recognize those brokers who are the leaders specializing in the restaurant real estate field.

A: It was formed in December 1991 under the original name of The Council of International Restaurant Real Estate Brokers and Consultants (CIRREBAC). It was later shortened to The Council of International Restaurant Real Estate Brokers (CIRB) and has since been renamed to the Restaurant And Real Estate Connection (RARE).

A: It is chartered in the state of Delaware as a “Not for Profit” corporation.

A: RARE corporate offices are located where its elected president has his/her main office. The Headquarters is presently in Chicago, Illinois.

A: The spring conference is held during the International Council of Shopping Center’s (ICSC) annual meeting in Las Vegas. This is usually in mid-May. The fall conference is held around the second week-end of November and normally lasts 3-4 days. It is in a different city each year. The city is one in which a CIRB member is located and that member becomes the host. Regional meeting are held throughout the year at various locations.

A: We’re members of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the National Restaurant Association.

A: Yes. There is just one (1) RARE member in a major market, unless that member agrees to allow another Broker to share the market.

A: No. There is no legal obligation. However, the caliber of the membership is such that it is presumed the members will want to work with one another whenever possible.

A: Yes. In fact, we encourage the members to use the RARE name and logo, as long as it is accurate and not altered, on all items such as business cards, stationery and ads.