RARE Connection

Joining RARE

Requirements for Membership

  1. You may be required to travel for a personal interview with a RARE member in the city nearest to your area.
  2. You must be willing to participate on RARE committees.
  3. You must plan to be able to attend two International RARE meetings annually: one at the Las Vegas ICSC Convention, and the second is in a different city each year.
  4. There is a one-time initiation fee of $2,000 with annual dues of $5,000.
  5. By applying for membership in RARE you do not become a member unless and until you are so notified by RARE in writing.

Download Membership Application:

Qualification Guidelines

  • The individual is a licensed real estate person and if approved will be the designated member, not the firm.
  • A significant portion of the individual’s primary business is in restaurant/hospitality real estate.
  • The individual is experienced with a number of different restaurant clients.
  • The individual has significant personal brokerage volume in the restaurant/hospitality field.
  • The individual has multi-faceted restaurant/hospitality brokerage (leases, sales, shopping centers, etc.) experience.
  • The individual has been in commercial real estate (specializing in restaurant/hospitality) for a number of years (suggested five years as a minimum).
  • The individual is well established and knowledgeable in their home market.
  • Neither the individual nor the firm can have any direct affiliation with any other national referral network, which is competitive with RARE.
  • The council member designate must be principal/decision maker in their firm.
  • There will be one member firm in each metropolitan area, unless the original member firm approves of another.
  • Certain of the membership provisions may be exempted by the Board of Directors.