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Worldly, confident and up for every challenge, the Keane team combine youthful spirit and ugly experience. Original thinking is prized… always pushing the constraints of expectations and budget, to create remarkable successes for our clients. The team that works together and parties together is the team that stays together and Keane have a fantastic team that’s talented, loyal and brilliant at what they do but there are always opportunities for shiny new recruits; designers, thinkers and life-stylers, in many of our studios around the World. Get in touch!

Keane design, create and communicate restaurants, bars and clubs. Brilliant and talented interior designers, conceptualisers, graphic designers and marketers. Beautiful one-off restaurant design. Sexy, street-wise bars and club creation. Outstanding brand roll-outs.

Offices and teams in London, Middle East and Asia. From hip and cool niche concepts to the mass market leaders. Keane are constantly creating new concepts, new schemes, new campaigns for clients on every continent. Across every sector of food, drink, hotel hospitality and club entertainment.

+44(0)121 666 6667