How do RARE Members Work with Developers, Landlords, Sellers and Lenders?

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Representing a developer, landlord, seller or lender is an important part of our RARE members’ service offerings.  With deep insight into the restaurant business and particular knowledge of real estate, each of our member companies is poised to provide the right direction and knowledge to facilitate the right transaction.

RARE members work independently or with in-house staff to help clients:

  • Gain access to national, regional and local dining chains and establishments that meet your criteria via our international network of restaurant real estate brokers
  • Ensure that your rental space meets the specific needs of restaurant users
  • Negotiate leases or sales while addressing restaurant-specific issues
  • Receive special insight and experience for any type of restaurant real estate transaction, which brokers in retail or office real estate can’t provide
  • Gain access to major U.S. and international markets through our members

Sound like the experience you would like to have with your broker?  Visit our Member page and contact your local RARE broker today!

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